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Principal's Message

There is a Chinese idiom which goes, “It takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to cultivate a person” (十年树木,百年树人).  Education is about nurturing the whole child to be the best person that he can be.  To educate a person is to prepare him for life.  Yet, the interesting fact about education is that it always involves teachers of the past generation educating the present generation to raise a future generation!  What firmly anchors at the core of education must therefore be a Student-centric and Values-driven education, with fundamentals which remain unchanging with times and yet, embrace life-skills for every child to face the ever-changing demands in our present and future landscapes.

At Lakeside Primary, we are guided by our mission, "To provide Quality Education to Nurture Wholesome Individuals”We aim for every student to acquire a broad and deep foundation for his lifelong journey. “Breadth” in education is about valuing every child and giving each a broad and holistic education. “Depth” is about instilling in each child a strong core of values and character and nurturing in each a strong commitment to Singapore and fellow Singaporeans. It is also about equipping every child with a deep foundation in literacy, numeracy and 21st century competencies. “Length” is about life-long learning and learning for life. 

The mission of the Education Service is to mould the future of the nation, by moulding the people who will determine the future of our nation. Our collective efforts with our children will determine our future.  Here at Lakeside, we want every child to Be their Best and grow as A Life-Long Learner, a Virtuous Leader.  Our vision for them is achieved through all we do in school with them, in the various domains of Moral, Cognitive, Physical, Social and Aesthetics, as represented by the five stars in our school crest.  Anchored upon our school values of the Lakeside PRIDE (Love, Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence, rEspect), our character development programme empowers each child with life skills and attitudes which will put them in good stead in life and build many more good years for our Singapore as rooted Singaporeans.     

I take heart that we have a strong team of teachers and support staff working closely with supportive parents, the School Advisory Committee, Parent Support Group, partners in education and stakeholders in the community to nurture every child. Every one of us wears multiple hats: a teacher, a disciplinarian, an assessor, a care-giver, a friend, and more, to our charges. We put in our best to carry each hat well and are heartened that we are a choice school in the west.  There is an African proverb which goes, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” In this broad and deep journey of education, we greatly appreciate the whole-of-village approach from all in our community in growing every child!

Mrs Wang-Tan Sun Sun