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Programmes for Holistic Student Development

We have been steadfast in our Mission “To Provide Quality Education to Nurture Wholesome Individuals”. We place strong emphasis on the different domains as represented by the 5 stars in our school crest, namely Moral, Cognitive, Physical, Social and Aesthetics.

To build a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy and hone thinking skills, programmes such as the Whole-School Reading Programmes (EL and MTL) and activity-based Mathematics lessons have become familiar activities to all our children.  

Values-centric programmes include Pre-Assembly Values Education (PAVE), Character First Programme and Values-In-Action (VIA). Through VIA projects such as P4 Buddy Reading for Kindergarteners and P5 Heartland Ambassador Programme that aim to address community needs, our students build their confidence, develop communication skills and recognise they play a part in bettering the lives of others. Our Tiered Student Leadership Programme supports our vision through opportunities that are thoughtfully created to enable every Laker to be a Virtuous Leader.

Our Environment Education also reinforces students’ responsibility to the community through the use of the environment in the curriculuar and co-curricular programmes. For example, our Garden is transformed into a classroom for science and PAL lessons when students use the flora and fauna to learn concepts. 

The ARTS De La Scène, which is our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), aims to nurture Wholesome, Confident, Creative individuals who Enjoy the Arts and are able to Connect, Contribute and Enrich others through the Arts.  The tiered programme provides broad-based opportunities to all students at its basic tier to experience and explore different performing art forms. The school creates platforms for students to perform for an audience, from school mates to the community, so as to nurture them into confident communicators. 

Put together, the Lakeside curriculum aims to develop every child as a Virtuous Leader and a Life-long Learner.  We are guided by the Lakeside Personal Qualities, which are the Values, Skills and Attitudes we want to nurture in our students in the journey we walk with them.