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Lakeside Primary School wishes all Hindus a happy Deepavali.


Children’s Day Celebration

Our theme for this year’s Children’s Day celebration is “Be Your Favourite Superhero!” Students and staff turned up in school donned in their superhero costumes and accessories. As a prelude to the celebration, seven games stalls were specially set up for the students to enjoy the games and win attractive prizes. Mrs Finella Goh, our Principal, started off the concert dressed up as Wonder Woman with her speech. Next, the parent volunteers wowed everyone with their energetic Panama Dance. This was followed by the entertaining and meaningful performances by the staff including middle managers and school leaders. The celebration ended off with a skit Kindness Doesn’t Cost a Thing, which highlighted the importance of being honest, kind and helpful to others. Indeed, the students had fun embracing and celebrating their youth on this special day.


Teachers' Day

We honoured our Teachers and support staff during Appreciation Day on 30 August 2018. Each of our staff received their “Special Love Lunchbox” filled with appreciation notes from the students. The Parent Support Group (PSG) came together to put up a video presentation and poetry recitation specially for the teachers. The Speech and Drama Club put up a splendid performance of “Jack and the Food Empire”, followed by a breath-taking performance by our rope skippers. The finale item was a live caricature performance by Mr Kamal. What a meaningful and special celebration it was for our teachers!


Racial Harmony Day

Lakeside Primary School commemorated Racial Harmony Day (RHD) on 21 July. The theme for this year is ‘Diversity Our Strength’. It is a day for us to reflect on our nation’s success as a harmonious society, built on a rich diversity of culture and heritage. Singapore, an immigrant community, has tapped on the strengths of our differences in the pursuit of making Singapore our home.
A series of activities were lined up for the students to deepen their understanding of the importance of racial harmony in Singapore. These include cultural and heritage booths set up by the Parent Support Group (PSG) and classroom activities. Students were also treated to a performance titled ‘Unity In Diversity- Singapore Multi Ethnic Dance Ensemble’. The colourful diversity of the various ethnic traditions and customs in multi-racial Singapore was presented in a series of creative dance performances. Students learnt more about the traditions and customs through the performances. 

The experiences gained from these activities have equipped the students with the necessary knowledge and values that will enable them to live and work harmoniously in our multi-cultural society. 


Hari Raya celebration 

This year’s Hari Raya celebration began with a performance entitled Kampung Life – Gotong Royong. The lively performance brought back memories of the Malay kampong. Students learnt about the Malay culture and practices as well as the concept of gotong royong (meaning: people working together to prepare for Hari Raya) which was adopted by the Malay community in a village.
There were also booths set up by the teachers and parent volunteers. Students had the chance to try traditional Hari Raya goodies, learn to make Bunga Manggar and Hari Raya cards and participate in a quiz about Hari Raya. In addition, students also watched performances performed by our Malay Dancers and the Dikir Barat troupe. Everyone basked in the festive mood, closing the celebration on a high note.



On 9 July 2018, the school kicked off its English Language/Media Resource Library (EL/MRL) Week which is part of our continuous efforts to enjoy the learning and use of the English Language. The students explored the theme ‘Magic and Adventure’. Students learnt the features of the two genres and carried out related activities. Interesting activities such as quizzes and puzzles were featured on the notice boards to encourage students to think and explore the theme. Activity booths were also set up in the canteen during recess. There were craft-making booths, an interactive game booth as well as a photo booth. On the final day of the EL/MRL Week, the students came dressed up as their favourite characters. They had fun through ‘hot seating’ activities in the classroom. The array of activities afforded the students the opportunities to express themselves and use language in a fun and interactive way.


Active Lifestyle Carnival

With the theme of Active Learning, Active Play and Health Awareness, Active Lifestyle Carnival, a 4-hour activity was organised on 25 May 2018 for Primary 3 to Primary 6 students. Our students learnt about healthy lifestyle through play and activities that developed their psychomotor skills. In addition, through the different carnival segments and games, students learnt to work together in teams to achieve specific goals and had the opportunity to demonstrate the values of responsibility and perserverance as well as practice their decision making skills.



The Lakeside Primary School Open House was held on 18 May 2018. The event provided kindergarten children and parents who accompanied the opportunity to learn more about Lakeside Primary School through a guided school tour and activities. The children learnt mathematics by participating in the hands-on activities at the school mini-mart, experienced buying their own food at the school canteen and were introduced to science through our garden trails. The children and parents also had opportunities to interact with our student leaders who led the school tour and facilitated the school learning experiences. 



The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight was held from 19 March to 31 March for all our students as part of the school’s efforts in creating an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue Languages. A range of activities related to Chinese, Malay and Tamil languages and culture was conducted during curriculum hours. Besides the school-based activities, Chinese students watched a performance “Journey to the West”, Malay students went on a cultural trail to Singapore’s last standing kampong, Kampong Buangkok and Tamil students visited the Indian Heritage Centre which included a guided tour of the centre and a workshop on block printing. On the whole, the fortnight offered many enriching experiences for our students to learn about language and culture.