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Parent Support Group

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We are a group of parents interested not only in the academic achievements of our children, but also their holistic development.

Times are different now as compared to our schooling years. There are many practices we as new parents need to unlearn and relearn.

The PSG serves as a conductive platform for like minded parents to come together to network and exchange ideas and methods to improve ourselves as parents, as well as to help our children.

By volunteering our time and skills whole-heartedly to the school, we are setting an

example to our children on Social Contribution to the community, using their school platform.

By being involved in school activities, that's one way to show our children that we care about them.

"An emotionally balanced child is a happy child. A happy child is a healthy child.

What's more important to us than a Healthy, Happy and Emotionally Balanced child"



A vibrant environment where dedicated and committed parents come together to support the school to build a strong foundation for our children

To give parents an environment to support the school, build friendships and exchange parenting ideas and techniques. To offer a platform for parents to contribute to the community at large.

To join, please email psglakesidepri@gmail.com or call us @ 8684 8726 / 8822 9673

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PSG in action Term 3 2018

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