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School Philosophy, Culture and Ethos

We are guided by our philosophy that ‘Every Individual C.A.NContribute, Achieve and be Nurtured’ in our efforts to nurture our students into individuals grounded in values, skills and knowledge that will take them through life. At Lakeside, we strongly believe that every child deserves  a holistic education and thus work with different stakeholders to ensure that no Laker is left behind in our student-centric approach to education. We provide varied learning experiences through our key programmes that include our progressive aesthetics modules, environment education, outdoor learning programmes, values-driven programmes based on Lakeside Personal Qualities and a differentiated approach to addressing the learning needs of our students. Awards such as Community in Bloom (Diamond Award) and School Green Awards (Lotus Sustained Award) are testament of our efforts to teach our students to be responsible citizens with respect for the environment.

We create opportunities for every member of the Lakeside Family to exemplify the school values Lakeside PRIDE (Love, Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence and rEspect)  and be inspired to live out the school motto, Be Our Best. Through their six years with us, our students will develop in character and personal leadership and be nurtured as leaders anchored in our school values with the school staff as role models.