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School Rules



Students of Lakeside Primary School show good discipline and play an important part in upholding
the good name of the school.

• Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.
• Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

• Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and any modification to the school
uniform is not allowed.
• Name tags must be affixed on the school uniform.
• White socks with no coloured logos or brand names.
• White shoes with no coloured logos or brand names.
• No other accessories to be used to fasten shoelaces.

Physical Education (PE) Attire
• T-shirt should be worn during PE lessons and sports activities.
• T-shirt should be worn only on days when there is PE.
• T-shirt should be tucked in at all times.
• Name tags must be affixed on the PE attire.
• Skirt should be no shorter than 3 fingers above the knee.

• No dyed / coloured / highlighted / spiky hair.
• Hair to be combed neatly without the use of gel.
• Hair must not be touching the ears, collars and eyebrows.
• All boys should be clean shaven and not keep facial hair.
• No dyed / coloured / highlighted hair.
• Fringe to be pinned back using hair bands or black hairpins.
• All hair accessories to be black and / or dark blue only.
• Shoulder-length hair or longer to be tied up.
• Only one pair of small and plain ear studs is allowed. No fanciful or colourful earrings / ear
• No halter-neck brassiere.

Jewellery and all other accessories are not allowed for all students.

• Take good care of school property.
• Switch off the lights and fans or air-conditioners when they are not needed.



Values influence our thoughts and actions. They underpin character education. We want our
students to embrace the values of Love, Perseverance, Responsibility, Integrity, Diligence and
rEspect and put sound values into practice through modelling good behaviour. Thus, we expect
that Lakeside Primary students
• Understand and respect others; care for one another.
• Are honest and truthful at all times
• Are responsible for self, towards others and the environment.
• Are diligent and demonstrate perseverance in achieving goals, punctual at all times and
complete assignments with quality on time.
• Are courteous and greet the Principal, Vice-Principal, teachers and all visitors to the school
with the ‘Lakeside Bow’.
• Are considerate and co-operate with prefects and teachers to maintain discipline in the school.
• Remain quiet during assembly, in class and while walking along the corridors.
• Maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the classrooms and the school compound.


When homework is assigned, we expect students to
• Keep track of homework instructions and deadlines.
• Manage time well to ensure that homework can be submitted on time.
• Consolidate their learning and give of his best in completing homework.
• Review feedback from teachers upon return of homework and follow up on the corrections
promptly where necessary.


Food and drinks should only be consumed in the canteen and we expect that students
• Queue up in an orderly manner and take turns to purchase their food and drink
• Observe good table manners, speak softly and do not play or run
• Keep the canteen clean and litter-free; and return crockery and empty glasses to the pails/
basins provided.

Attendance and Punctuality
• Students must be punctual for school.
• All students are to report to school at least 15 minutes before the start of school.
• Students who are absent must produce a Medical Certificate or a letter of explanation from
parents on the day they return to school.