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Clean and Green Singapore: 

National Environment Agency (NEA) Environment Challenge for Schools 
3rd Prize

West Zone Volleyball Championships 2017

Senior boys and Junior girls - 4th position

National Primary Schools Sepak Takraw Championship

2nd Runner-up – Senior Boys

National Primary Schools Rope Skipping Championships

Double Dutch Event Senior Boys (3rd Position)

World Scouts Day 2017

Team Category - Gold award


National Primary Schools Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2017

Lim Zhu En Sky (6C) - Commendation Prize
Chung Mei Qi (6F) - Commendation Prize
Cheng Xiao Tong (6D) - Consolation Prize
Lim En Han (5G) - Commendation Prize
Guan Chunsheng (5F) - Consolation Prize

9th National Youth Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2017

Guan Chunsheng (5F) - Merit award

2017 International Chinese Language Competition for Primary Schools
Category 1 (Singapore)
Ang Yi En, Jerlene (5G) -  Silver Awards
Tham Han Yan Tristan (5G) - Bronze Awards

Category 2 (International)
Ang Yi En, Jerlene (5G) - Silver Awards

2017 National Chinese Story Telling Competition
Chang Jzen Da (3G) - Consolation Prize


Si Cilik National Dikir Barat Competition
Gold with Honours with Best Seni Kata (Best Lyrics)
Best Juara (Best Lead Singer 1) – Qusyairi Mirza Bin Mohd Fuad (5B1)
Best Karut (Best Lead Singer 2) – Saif Zur Fiqry Bin Saifudin (5D)
Best Paluan (Best Percussion)


National Photography Festival 2017
Liu Yu Jie (5F)
Ong Shiang Hui (5F) 
Chee Geng Shiang (5D) 
Wang Zi Xuan, Jewell (4D)

58th National Primary Schools Swimming Championship 2017

Janel Susastra (P6F)

Gold 50m breast stroke
Gold 50m freestyle Individual Medley
Bronze 200m freestyle