Character and Citizenship Education

Kindness Day SG @ Lakeside Primary School 2016

Kindness Day SG @ Lakeside Primary had simple objectives in mind. We wanted our students to appreciate our cleaners and office staff – important members of staff who contribute to make their learning environment better. We also wanted our students to show the values of Love, Respect and Responsibility through an act of honouring others.  We also hoped to encourage our students to reflect on the meaningfulness of this whole project. 

Kindness @ Lakeside was carried out in three waves. In Wave 1, which took place in Term 2 Week 7, we encouraged students to write Thank You notes to honour our school cleaners as a lead-up to Labour Day. Photographs of our school cleaners were put up on our “Tree of Appreciation” Board and students wrote notes of appreciation which were pinned up on the board. 

In Wave 2, which took place on 20 May 2016, our students were taught the meaning of kindness and how they can show kindness in their daily lives. This lesson was followed by a craft session where classes made origami flowers and hearts as well as Thank You cards. 

These cards were presented to the unsung heroes of our school, our school cleaners and staff who, other than teachers, also support the students in their learning. The cards, together with a fruit hamper, were presented to them as we embarked on our annual schoolwide Values-In-Action Project, “No Cleaners Week”.

Values in Action & Integrated Project Work (VIA-IPW)

Values in Action – Action Through Project Work (VIA-IPW) is a rich platform for our students to put into practice the values and skills that they have acquired. They develop confidence and learn to communicate effectively through the interaction with their peers in the course of the projects. In their project work journey at each level, our students recognise that they have a duty to themselves, their families, their communities, the nation and the world. Throughout their six years at Lakeside, we collectively develop concerned citizens and active contributors who always play a part in bettering lives of others around them.