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Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)

To inculcate a love for reading in our students, 1 English period is set aside each week for reading-related activities. The various activities include: (1) reading of storybooks, (2) reading of articles related to the current STELLAR unit, and (3) reading of the 'Little Red Dot' publication. 

Reading Activities Booklet

In conjunction with the DEAR period, each Primary 1 and 2 student is given a Reading Activities Booklet to complete as they read books and other reading materials. The booklet, designed to motivate students to engage in reading, contains various activities such as: (1) designing of bookmarks, (2) doing of book reviews, and (3) making a puppet of a book character.


Little Red Dot

The 'Little Red Dot' is a weekly publication by SPH. It is The Straits Times' educational supplement for primary school students. As part of our school's efforts to extend our pupils' learning of the English Language, our Primary 3 to 6 students subscribe to the 'Little Red Dot' newspaper. They will receive the 'Little Red Dot', as well as an accompanying copy of Tuesday's Straits Times, every week. During the even weeks of each term, the magazines are used in class as a springboard for a discussion on current affairs, as well as to build our students' vocabulary. During the odd weeks of each term, students bring home the 'Little Red Dot' to enjoy reading at their own pace.


 EL Noticeboard

The English Noticeboard, located next to the canteen, is one of our platforms to build our students' interest in learning the English language. The board is regularly updated with students' model pieces of work, interesting information and fun activities, so as to engage them even as they enjoy their breaks.


EL/MRL week

As part of our goal to get our students excited about reading, an EL/MRL week was held in Term 3 Week 3 of 2016. Activities were based on the theme of “Mysteries”. One activity had students cracking codes and they could send mystery messages to anyone in school. Yes – anyone! Our Principal, Mrs Wang, received mystery messages too!

In class, our students participated in a myriad of activities. Our Lower Primary students read a mystery story with their teachers and hunted for items within a picture.  Our Middle and Upper Primary students turned into mini-detectives and tried to solve crimes based on the clues provided. The Lakeside Minimart was even converted into a crime scene for students to visit and piece the evidence together to solve “The Case of the Missing Eggs”. Students who had participated in the activities were awarded hand-made badges and they were encouraged to continue reading about mysteries in their quest to become better investigators!