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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

ARTS De La Scène

Vision: Enjoy Arts. Enrich Lives.
Mission: To nurture Wholesome, Confident, Creative individuals who Enjoy the Arts and are able to 
                Connect, Contribute and Enrich others through the Arts.

The school’s LLP, ARTS De La Scène, offers many opportunities for all students to experience and appreciate the Performing Arts. Through the vision of igniting the joy and passion in learning Performing Arts, we seek to nurture individuals who are wholesome, confident and creative who enjoy the Arts and are able to Connect, Contribute and Enrich others through the Arts. 

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) Tier I – Modular & WOW Programmes

Modular music programmes, differentiated at every level, aims to provide a good exposure of learning experiences so that every individual is able to perform in an ensemble at the end of their music journey in Lakeside.
Primary 1 & 2

Through the discovery of rhythm and exploration of different percussion instruments, P1 & P2 students learnt to weave music together

Primary 3 & 4

Music continues to enthral the little minds of our students as their fingers drive down a path filled with black and white keys. 

Primary 5 

Putting their confidence to a test, the P5 students took up the quest to master at least four chords during their Modular Guitar lessons. They learnt to strum and sing along to their favourite pop and folk song.

Primary 6

P6 students were given the choice to extend their learning by selecting from a buffet spread of different modular programmes including Stomp Percussion, Hip Hop Dance, Guitar and Keyboard. The freedom of choice invigorates students’ mind to deepen their appreciation for a Performing Arts form which interests them.  On top of that, it heightens their interest and appreciation for Performing Arts. With that, they leave Lakeside with bountiful memories and experiences of a wholesome, confident and creative individual.
WOW Performances

Students explore ways to present their ideas and knowledge through recordings, performances, presentations, storytelling, poetry recitation and drama at our Performing Arts Studio, Flexispace @ Canteen and Amphitheatre. 

Conducted on Wednesdays and Fridays, students displayed the Lakeside PRIDE values and deliberated the importance of proper etiquette as they took on different roles as Performers and Audience.