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Performing Arts

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Our School is supported in the “Learning for Life Programme in Performing Arts” by MOE. The tiered outreached to all ensures that every student is enriched in the Performing Arts and is given the opportunities to develop his or her talents in this area. It is through such exposure and enrichment that each child develops his or her confidence and important life skills.

Visual Arts

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Our students gain an enriching visual arts experience through a buffet spread of different modular programmes that expose them to a variety of mediums, thinking routines and elements of art. These level-specific modular programmes are planned to inculcate an interest and appreciation of different art forms.



Every Wednesday and Friday, our students from different levels take turns to be in the lime-light at our Performing Arts Studio or the Outdoor Amphitheatre.  

The programme aims to build our students’ communication skills and boost their confidence. They also develop personal qualities like teamwork and values like perseverance.