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Aesthetics – Performing Arts

In Lakeside, students go through the ARTS De La Scène programme to strengthen and enhance their learning experiences in the performing arts. Students are provided with broad-based opportunities to experience and explore different performing art forms through modular programmes implemented at the different levels.  Apart from creating awareness and appreciation for Aesthetics, these modular programmes nurture wholesome, confident and creative individuals who enjoy the Arts and are able to Connect, Contribute and Enrich Others through the Performing Arts.  
Learning for Life Programme (LLP) Tier I - Modular Programmes
The school conducts modular music programmes for all levels to provide learning opportunities and experiences so that students can develop a connection to music.

Primary 1 & 2 (2016)
The P1 students had Modular Rhythm and Beats using non-pitched percussion instruments in Term 1 while the P2 students extended their learning and discovery of rhythm using pitched percussion instruments such as chime bars in Term 2. 

The P2 students also had enrichment lessons with the keyboards. Through group playing and composition on the keyboard, the students had fun learning and were encouraged to be creative and develop collaborative skills.      

Primary 3 & 4 (2016)
Students in P3 and P4 were given opportunities to learn the keyboard. Students applied music theory and learnt to play basic chords. The learning experience allowed them to perform a song in an ensemble.

Primary 5 (2016)
Our P5 students were taught to play at least four chords during their Modular Guitar lessons. With the knowledge gained through the practice sessions, the students were able to strum and sing along to the songs that they liked. Through the process, they also learnt to work with each other to come up with different chord combinations for a song.

Primary 6 (2016)
The P6 students were given the option to select a modular programme that they were interested to explore and experience further in their final year in the primary school. Options included Guitar, Keyboard and STOMP Percussion. By providing such experiences, students strengthen their appreciation for music which they can bring with them after they leave school.  

Aesthetics – WOW Performances

As part of our Learning for Life Programme, a structured platform was provided for performing arts showcases using our newly furbished Performing Arts Studio and Amphitheatre. 

WOW @ Tier 1 

E-WOW (WOW @ Tier 2 for students in Performing Arts CCA)
This year, we introduced WOW for Tier 2 for students in the various Performing Arts CCAs. The students from the different performing arts group were given the opportunity to perform for the students from our school-based Student Care Centre (SCC). 

Title text
Students from the SCC enjoying the performance

Aesthetics – Visual Arts

Visual Arts Modular Buffet: Make Art, Talk Art, Think Art
Our students gain an enriching visual art experience through a buffet spread of different modular programmes that exposes them to a variety of mediums, thinking routines and elements of art. These level-specific modular programmes are planned and customised to align to the needs and interests of our students. 

Conducted by both external and in-house facilitators, these modular programmes provide opportunities for our young creative minds to create, express and talk about art meaningfully. While having fun through exploration and play, our students learn new art skills and vocabulary and 

Primary 1 (2016): In-House Clay-ines 
In this series of lessons, the art element, line, is brought to life! P1 students were provided with a hands-on experience of using jumping clay to create and express different lines. For their final masterpieces, students applied this new knowledge to create a face portrait of lines.

Primary 2 (2016): 3D Clay Art
Our P2 students learnt to create textures on plasticine using clay tools and everyday objects. Using moulding and texturing techniques, students had fun customising and making their own 3D pet turtles!

Primary 3 (2016): In-House Batik Painting
Using the wax-resist technique, our P3 students created batik-inspired fabric designs. Students learnt to blend and mix colours with coloured dyes, creating final pieces of artwork that were vibrant and colourful!

Primary 4 (2016): Acrylic Painting
Our P4 students were thoroughly engaged during the Acrylic Painting programme in which they learnt various painting techniques such as stippling and impasto. With an ‘Under The Sea’ theme, students applied these painting techniques to create splashing unique art pieces with acrylic paint!

Primary 5 (2016): In-House ‘Drawing with the Right Brain’
Applying the Betty Edward’s theory of drawing, our P5 students learnt and practised shading and hatching techniques to create realistic-looking portraits!

Primary 6 (2016): Post-PSLE Digital Workshop and Acrylic Painting
The P6 students created digital masterpieces by applying skills and techniques learnt in ArtRage. 

In the acrylic painting programme, students made use of techniques like stippling and impasto to create textures on canvas.

Travelling Gallery Project: 
‘Sharing Our Joy in Creating Art’

The Travelling Gallery Project was a touring art exhibition of artwork by five primary schools in the W7 Cluster. It allowed students in participating schools to express ideas, share joy in creating art and foster relationships with one another.  Lakeside Primary School took part in this cluster project to provide our budding artists with an avenue to showcase their talents, as well as allow our students to view and appreciate artwork curated by students from other schools.