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2019 Mother Tongue Fortnight


The Mother Tongue Language Fortnight was launched by the School Leaders on 1 April and it lasted till 12 April. During this period, activities were planned for students as part of the school’s efforts in creating an immersive environment for the learning of Mother Tongue Languages. A wide range of activities related to the languages and culture was conducted during curriculum hours for all levels. This year, as part of the P4 Cultural Camp, our Chinese students attended an exhibition on “New World, New Life” at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, our Malay students went on a cultural trail to Singapore’s last standing kampong, Kampong Buangkok, and our Tamil students visited the Indian Heritage Centre. Fringe activities, namely Kampong Day and Duck Day, were also organised for our students during their respective recesses. These activities were well received by them.

School leaders cutting the ribbon during the launch of the Mother Tongue Language Fortnight, representing the Chinese culture.
School leaders striking the gong during the launch, representing the Malay culture.

School leaders lighting up the lamp during the launch, representing the Tamil culture.
Pic 4.JPG
Students mesmerised by the Mask Changing performance.
Pic 5.jpg
P4 students displaying their beautiful kites with pride.  
Pic 6.jpg
Demonstration of the dumpling making process for the P4 students.
Pic 7.jpg
P1 students decorating their lamps.
Pic 8.jpg
P4 students at the Chinese Heritage Centre.

Pic 9.jpg
Students participating in the language-based activity on ‘Duck Day’.
Pic 10.JPG
At the Chinese Heritage Centre.
 Pic 11.JPG
Students learning to make dumplings at the P4 Cultural Camp.
 Pic 12.JPG
P4 students enjoying a traditional banana leaf lunch.
Pic 13.JPG
Mdm Mazuin assisting the students with bunga rampai.
Pic 14.JPG
Students learning to play the Malay traditional instruments.
Pic 15.JPG
Students engrossed in learning about Indian traditional music.
Pic 16.JPG
Students learning Indian traditional dance steps.

Pic 17.jpeg
Students learning to play the ‘Urumi’, a type of Indian traditional instrument.
Pic 18.jpg
Students proudly displaying their Chinese painting on their Chinese fans.
Pic 19.jpg
P1 students proudly displaying their weaving of ‘ketuput’.
Pic 20.JPG
P4 students at their poetry recital performance.

Pic 21.jpg Pic 22.jpg
Students focusing on fishing the ducks during the ‘Duck Day’ fringe activity.
Pic 23.jpg Pic 24.jpg
Members from our parent support group helping out at the quiz stations during the fringe activities.
Pic 25.jpg
Students learning to play traditional games during the ‘Kampong Day’ fringe activity.
Pic 26.JPG

Having fun at the ribbon dance activity.