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Aesthetics Week 2019

Our very own buskers and budding artists took centre stage in our inaugural Aesthetics Week which took place from 22 to 26 July 2019. They put up an array of performances and art activities as part of Aesthetics department’s effort to bring about celebration of the arts and to encourage greater awareness and participation in the arts among our pupils. This is in addition to the two mass activities that were led by external arts instructors on both the first and last day of the week.

RHYTHM IN ME -- Held at the jamming space during the two recesses, students and staff were introduced to the basics of both beatboxing and body percussion in this half-hour mass activity on the first day of Aesthetics week. Participants not only learnt how to use their voices to mimic parts of the drum set, they also explored rhythms with body percussion. The result? A fun and rhythmically energetic performance!

Photo 1.jpg
Instructor leading pupils in the creation of rhythms using body percussion for the ‘Rhythm in Me’ activity
Photo 2.jpg
Putting the different rhythmic patterns together

STEP UP ZUMBA – A collaboration between the Aesthetics and PE department, students and staff who participated in this energetic mass dance at the basketball court were able to collect stamps for this special edition of the Step Up challenge.
Photo 3.jpg
Pupils and staff stepping to the challenge at the Step Up Zumba mass activity on the last day of the Aesthetics Week
Photo 4.jpg
The smiles on the pupils’ faces tell how much they enjoyed the mass dance!


LSPS’s very own buskers took the centre stage at the foyer during the morning pre-assembly slots, two recesses and dismissal time throughout the week. 

They had worked very hard in order to put up their best performance during the Aesthetics Week. All buskers had gone through the journey of planning and coordinating their own performance items, going through an audition where they were given pointers on how to improve on their performance by our Aesthetics team teachers before going through another few weeks of practice. Well done buskers! You have exemplified our school values - perseverance, love, integrity and diligence indeed. We are proud of you!
Photo 5.jpg
Day 1- Pre-assembly dance performance in the hall by Tarinni, Grace, Priya, Jia Pei, Esshaani and Harini. They performed ‘Boy with Luv’.

Photo 6.jpg
Day 1- Pre-assembly performance by our choir with their dazzling rendition of ‘A Million Dream’

Photo 7.JPG
Day 1- Dance performance by Leora Teo, Gisselle Ng, Phoebe Tan and Ko Suan Hee at the foyer during dismissal. The girls danced to ‘2002’ by Anne Marie.

Photo 8.JPG
Day 2- Chia He Hong performing ‘Canon in D’ on the clavinova during recess to an enthusiatic crowd

Photo 9.JPG
Day 2 – Naomi Lim and Meagan Tham dancing to ‘Payphone’ during recess

Photo 10.JPG
Day 2 – Shyla D/O Siva and Soh En Teng Charmaine dancing to a ‘Medley of Boom’ during dismissal time

Photo 11.jpeg
Day 3 – Artist Talk by Stephanie Xie, Wen Hui, Deeksitha and Zafirah during both recesses. The girls took turns to share about the significance and process behind their artwork.

Photo 12.jpg Photo 13.jpeg
Day 3 - Pupils get a chance to try their hands on calligraphy painting and shaping stars using clay at the art booths during both recesses. 

Photo 14.JPG
Day 3 – An interesting Taekwondo showcase by Yang An Yi, Jerrel Ang and Yang An Zhi during dismissal. The boys presented an unusual showcase of Taekwondo moves with music, much to the audiences’ delight.

Photo 15.JPG
Day 4 – Pre-Assembly performance by rope-skippers Neoh Jia En and Zarifa Raja, who skipped to the music of Alan Walker’s ‘The Spectre Remix’

Photo 16.JPGPhoto 17.JPG
Day 4- Elisha Cheng, Ma Xiangyu, Bryanne Goh, Sundra Raman Oviya and Sophia Ho dancing and singing to their own music accompaniment to ‘Under the Sea’ during the first recess.

Photo 18.JPG
Day 4- Roxanne Huang, Yau Xin Yu, Tan Yi Jing, Nur Adilah, Megan Tsia, Oh Shi Ya, Foo Wei Jun, Shiphra and Ethan Ang performing Ode to Joy on the harmonica during second recess.
Photo 19.JPG
Day 4 Winnalyn Tay, Melody Hoe, Lai Yee Lin, Sheniece Ng and Chang Jzen Da 5G performing ‘Colours of the Wind’ and their rendition of ‘Colours of the Wind’ during dismissal time.
Photo 20.JPG
Day 5 - A solo clavinova performance, ‘Till It’s Over’ by Xu Kang You at the foyer for the morning crowd before flag raising. His performance was captured on video live and shown to staff and pupils during pre-assembly in the hall.
Photo 21.JPG
Day 5  Asyura singing and playing on the ukulele ‘Count On Me’ during dismissal.

Photo 22.JPG
Day 5- Shazwinadriah belting out to ‘Titanium’ during dismissal at the foyer.
Photo 23.jpeg
Our pupils writing notes of encouragement for our buskers.
 Photo 24.jpeg
A pupil penning his dream on the ‘A Million Dreams’ doodling board.

 Photo 25.jpeg
‘A Million Dreams’ doodle board co-created by students and teachers to direct one's hopes and ambitions towards achieving their dreams.
What a week of excitement! We certainly look forward to the next Aesthetics Week and having more buskers and artists showcasing their talents!