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Chinese New Year School Celebration

The festive mood was in the air as Lakeside Primary started the celebration with exciting hall performances and subsequent class activities on the eve of Chinese New Year, 4 February. Donning festive clothes, any children added to the festive cheer. Everyone had a joyous time enjoying the show and the hands-on activities of learning the traditions and customs of the festival. As the children worked their craft in the classrooms, they got a pleasant surprise as P6 students and teachers made their appearance as the Lakeside lion dance troupe, dancing down the school corridors. Some of the “lions” even went into the classrooms to interact with the children. 

The celebration continued with fringe activities during the recesses on 7 and 8 February, the third and fourth days of the Chinese New Year. Our children were treated to a series of festive jamming performances put up by our school staff and the Dikir Barat boys, storytelling at the library, hands-on crafts and games by our Parent Support Group and the Chinese Calligraphy & Chinese Painting CCA group.    

Photo 1.JPG
Students donned red and Chinese ethnic costumes, singing festive songs.
Photo 2.JPG
Astounding performance by the professional lion dance troupe.
Photo 3.JPG
The lion dance troupe and God of Fortune helped to set the festive mood.
Photo 4.JPG
School leaders were presented with well wishes from the lion dance troupe.
 Photo 5.JPG
Mesmerising performance by Guzheng CCA group.
 Photo 6.JPG
An elegant performance by the Chinese dancers.
 Photo 7.JPG
Student leaders presented hampers to school leaders.
 Photo 8.JPG
Our very own Lakeside lion dance troupe!
 Photo 9.JPG
The Lakeside lion dance troupe rehearsing before visiting the classrooms.
 Photo 10.JPG
Students were pleasantly surprised by the sudden visit from the Lakeside lion dance troupe
 Photo 11.JPG
Our Parent Support Group is all ready to help out at the fringe activity booths.
 Photo 12.JPG
Students trying their hands at ‘Lohei’

 Photo 13.JPG
Students eagerly trying out their calligraphy skills
 Photo 14.jpg
Teacher modelling paper cutting skills
 Photo 15.jpg
Screening of videos on Chinese New Year traditions in the library during recess
 Photo 16.JPG
Teachers jamming along to Chinese New Year songs

   Photo 17.JPG
Even the Principal joined in for the jamming session