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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Experience

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) is one of the key areas of learning in the co-curriculum, which complements the academic curriculum.  Playing an important role in the holistic development of our pupils, CCAs prepare our students for an increasingly globalised and complex future through the inculcation of values, social and emotional competencies and the emerging 21st Century Competencies (21CC).  CCAs also provide a means through which students discover their passions and strengths beyond the academic classroom. Students grow as they learn and strive together, work with and lead one another in the CCA they participate in.
During the CCA Experience, parents and students are invited to try out various activities conducted in our four CCA programme domains viz. Clubs & Societies, Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups as well as Visual and Performing Arts. The experience aims to facilitate choice-making and allows for a more informed decision on which CCA a student can pursue.

Photo 1.jpg
Parents and students finding out more CCAs during the CCA Experience
Photo 2.jpg
Appreciating a close-up experience with Guzheng 

Photo 3.jpg
Choir students sharing singing apps with potential members
Photo 4.jpg
Enjoying a tune by the wind instrument from Concert Band
 Photo 5.jpg
Harmonica booth set-up for the experience
 Photo 6.jpg
Dikir Barat boys staging a captivating show
 Photo 7.jpg
Character Dramatization with Speech and Drama

Photo 8.jpg Photo 9.jpg
Exploring dancing props and learning simple steps with the student dancers
 Photo 10.jpg
Jump for Joy with Rope Skippers
 Photo 11.jpg
Shoot for Goal at the new CCA- Soccer
   Photo 12.jpg
Strike a move with Wushu
 Photo 13.jpg Photo 14.jpg
Pinching a pot and painting with the student artists from Ceramics and Chinese Painting

Photo 15.jpg
Coding with Sphero Mini using IPADs from Infocomm club

Photo 16.jpg
Learning to do their part for the environment with EEE club
   Photo 17.jpg
Cub scouts sharing with potential new members on the activities the scouts experience