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International Friendship Day 2019

International Friendship Day (IFD) is celebrated annually in schools all over Singapore. This year, Lakeside Primary School commemorated IFD on 8 April 2019. The theme for this year is “Connected Communities.” IFD is a day for students to learn more about Singapore’s multi-racial society and the different cultures that exist in this tiny nation. It provides students with an understanding of Singapore’s relations with other countries. It is also an opportunity for them to learn about and appreciate the contributions of foreigners who are living, working and studying in Singapore. In doing so, the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different people will be nurtured.The students were treated to a performance during assembly. The drama highlighted the value of international friendship and the benefits of maintaining good relations. This was followed by classroom lessons and activities where students' understanding & appreciation of ASEAN were deepened.Students were presented with more information at the Notice Board where there were quizzes for them to attempt.

Photo 1 IFD 2019.JPG
Photo 2 IFD 2019.JPG
Students enjoying the performance during assembly
 Photo 3 IFD 2019.jpg
Noticeboard displaying information on International Friendship Day