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Lakers Friendship Carnival 2019

Lakers’ Friendship Carnival is a celebration of friendship through fun & games. It provides opportunities for juniors and seniors to forge stronger bonds among themselves. In addition, every student is encouraged to take on an active lifestyle and develop a deeper appreciation for the arts in the carnival. Last but not the least, it also provides opportunities for students to exercise decision-making skills and collaborate in teams to achieve specified goals.

photo 1.jpg
Having fun in games led by our Parents Support Group
photo 2.JPG
Working together as a team to balance ‘nuclear waste’
photo 3.JPG
Putting their communication skills to the test through a game of Taboo
photo 4.jpg
Bonding between seniors and junior over music on GarageBand
photo 5.JPG
Green House members leading their house in the cheer competition!
photo 6.JPG
House Champion of 2019 – Blue House celebrating their win