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Music Jamming Space

A new addition to Lakeside Primary this year, the Music Jamming Space, at the canteen provides a platform for our students to unleash their musical creativity through student-initiated and teacher-facilitated jamming sessions.  The beautiful space is home to a number of instruments ranging from string instruments like the guitar and ukulele, to percussion instruments like the tubano, kompang and cajon. Through the interactions at the Music Jamming Space, our Lakers have the opportunity to develop socio-emotional skills, learn collaboratively and extend their self-directed learning beyond the Music lessons and curriculum. 

We look forward to having exciting activities that involve our students and staff at the Music Jamming Space in the near future!

Picture 1.JPG
Music Jamming Space

Picture 2.jpeg
Different groups of students jamming and learning together during recess
Picture 3.jpeg
Students learning how to play Baby Shark on the glockenspiel and resonator bells by following the music score that is placed on the wall.
Picture 4.jpeg
Teachers jamming at the Music Jamming Space
Picture 5.jpeg
Boys trying out interlocking rhythms on the kompang
Picture 6.JPG
Students practising on the ukulele and guitar
Picture 7.JPG
Having fun jamming together!