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National Day 2019

This year’s National Day, themed “Our Singapore”, commemorated Singapore’s Bicentennial and allowed us to tell Our Singapore Story from past to present. “Our Singapore” emphasises the collective ownership of Singapore. We are living the dreams of our pioneers, and we are now the pioneers of our future. 

At Lakeside Primary School, we celebrated this year’s National Day by sharing with our students about the past and present of Singapore and how they, as our future, could carry the great Singapore story forward. 

Our teachers dressed up as Ma Jie (domestic helpers or amahs), Samsui Woman, Satay Man, Kacang Puteh man, SIA stewardess or Kampong Pacik and Macik to commemorate the Bicentennial. These characters are recognised as the pioneers and significant contributors of early Singapore. At the concert, various CCA groups put up wonderful performances while our Speech and Drama students told the story of how Singapura was founded through their dramatic and engaging performance. Our parents from our Parent Support Group and teachers went around as Kacang Puteh men & women to give out goodies to our students. All these activities culminated in a memorable and meaningful National Day celebration experience for our students.

Photo 1.JPG
Pupils engaging in the BrickArt activity during their recesses with Mr Lee, a volunteer with the TJCC BrickArt Interest Group.
Photo 2.JPG
Lakeside in a sea of Red celebrating National Day!

Photo 3.jpg
Presenting our PSG and teacher Kacang Puteh team. They went round the school as Kacang Puteh men and women to give out snacks while the students were engaged in meaningful lessons in class.
Photo 4.jpeg
Spot the pioneers and early contributors of Singapore! School leaders and teachers dressed up to commemorate Bicentennial in this year’s National Day celebration.
   Photo 5.JPG
Who can resist old-school snacks served by our very own Lakeside Kacang PutehTeam?