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Open House 2019

The school opened its doors to 12 preschools within its vicinity and hosted 220 K2 pupils and parents for an afternoon of experiential learning activities at our Open House on 17 May (Friday).       
1_Arrival.JPG 2_Arrival.JPG 3_Welcome.jpg
Arrival! Welcome to Lakeside Primary School!      

Through the Open House, we hope to provide preschoolers and parent visitors the opportunity to learn about Lakeside Primary School and the transition to Primary 1. 

As part of the Canteen Experience and Recess Play, the pre-schoolers bought and consumed food and drinks in the school canteen, with the help from our student leaders. Some of the pre-schoolers engaged in physical games at the basketball court and the music jamming corner, just like what our students do during their recesses.  
4_Canteen.jpg 5_Canteen.JPG
6_Canteen Exp.JPG 7_Canteen.JPG
   Canteen Experience and Recess Play at the Basketball Court and Jamming Area.    

The pre-schoolers were also led on a guided school tour by our student leaders to find out more about our school facilities such as the Art Room and the Dance and Music Studios. They were also given the opportunity to experience classroom activities for the English Language and Mathematics lessons. 
10_Classroom.jpg 11_Classroom.jpg
“Classroom lessons in Primary 1 are also fun and interesting like in our Kindergarten, except for more classmates to learn and share together.”     
While student leaders facilitated the hands-on activities, the pre-schoolers were engaged in authentic learning such as counting, measuring and making purchases at the school’s Mini Mart—a set up that brings Mathematics learning to life. They also explored the school gardens and experienced outdoor lessons as conducted in school.      
14_miniMart.JPG 15_miniMart.jpg
Opportunities for the pre-schoolers to experience authentic Learning.
At the school library GROW, the pre-schoolers experienced multi-media story and quiz time facilitated by our student leaders and also browsed through the book collections at their leisure.     
17_Library.JPG 18_Library.JPG
19_Library Quiz.JPG 20A_Library.jpg
GROW welcomed its first group of preschoolers.       

To cater to the needs of the parent visitors, our Parent Support Group (PSG) members conducted a sharing on common concerns parents may have on the transition from kindergarten to Primary one. It was indeed an enriching experience for the pre-schoolers, their parents and our student leaders.