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P4 Camp 2019

In line with our efforts to provide a quality education to develop every child holistically, we have successfully carried out our first P4 Camp from 22nd to 23rd Feb 2019.  With the theme, “Unity in Diversity” in mind, the camp aimed to inculcate values such as resilience, teamwork and respect as well as impart decision making and communication skills. Over the course of 2 days, our Primary 4 students stepped out of their comfort zone and challenged themselves to perform a series of activities, which included tent pitching, camp craft, team building games, navigation and orienteering. The finale of the camp was the sandwich making activity, which created opportunities for parent-child bonding and working with peers. 

Photo 1.jpg
Learning the different knots and lashings
Photo 2.jpg
Working together to create a rubbish chute after learning about the art of knots and lashings

Photo 3.jpg
Proudly presenting their rubbish cute
Photo 4.jpg
Photo 5.jpg
It’s tent-pitching time!
 Photo 6.jpg
Let’s try to untangle the human knot!
 Photo 7.jpg
Parent-child bonding over sandwich making