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Racial Harmony Day 2019

The school commemorated Racial Harmony Day (RHD) on 19 July. The theme is “The Singapore Connection”. We reflected on our shared experiences and values that have connected us as Singaporeans. We also encouraged our younger generation to remain open and inclusive even as our society becomes increasingly complex. 
Since the founding of modern Singapore, we have always been an immigrant community that has tapped on the strengths of our differences in the pursuit of a common goal to make Singapore our home. A couple of days prior to the commemoration of RHD, our students had the opportunity to engage in various activities. With the help from our dedicated parent volunteers, the students tried murukku making, learnt to use chopsticks and dressed up in ethnic costumes.
During the assembly programme, students learnt why RHD was celebrated in Singapore and what we could do to make this diversity our strength. 
Through the various activities, students learnt the importance of preserving racial harmony by appreciating the people of different races and their cultural practices. 

Photo 1.JPG
Sarong… One size fits all!
Photo 2.jpg
Hot off the “press” 
Photo 3.JPG
All dressed up!
Photo 4.JPG
Captivated audience during the assembly programme
Photo 5.JPG
Photo 5_2.JPG
   Chopsticks masters!

Photo 6.jpg
Happy Racial Harmony Day!