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Teachers and Staff Appreciation Day 2019


Term 3 ended on a high note with Teachers and Staff Appreciation Day on 5 September 2019.  This year, the PSG planned and organised this celebration to honour our teachers and non-teaching staff for their commitment and contribution in growing and developing our students. 

The PSG collaborated with the prefects, class monitors, CCA leaders and Busking witHEARTS participants  to make this day a meaningful one for all. The activities for the day included a concert as well as teacher–student fun craft activities in the classroom. Teaching and non-teaching staff were presented with special gift packs filled with heartwarming tokens of appreciation.  The staff was truly appreciative to the PSG for making this day memorable for them.

Photo 1A.jpgPhoto 1B.jpgPhoto 1C.jpg
    Classes put together collage embellishments in preparation for a handcrafted gift for their teachers. 
Photo 2.JPG
Soccer and Volleyball members showcased their skills at the Teachers’ Day Concert for the first time.

Photo 3.JPG
Teachers donned sports attire in their HOUSE colours in preparation for Cohesion Day held after Teachers and Staff Appreciation Day celebration.  
Photo 4.jpgClassroom collage craft provided a good learning opportunity for students to work together for the teachers and with the teachers.

Photo 5.jpg
PSG is behind the scenes of this year’s concert and classroom activities.   
  Photo 6.JPG
Celebrating a win-win partnership: PSG and school showing appreciation for one other on this happy occasion.