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Total Defence Day Commemoration 2019

We commemorated Total Defence Day on 15 February 2019, Friday. This year’s theme is Together We Keep Singapore Strong. We want to encourage our students to put Total Defence into action in their daily lives by reaching out to one another, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones to keep Singapore strong and resilient because our greatest strength lies in the unity and resilience of our people.

In Lakeside Primary School, we conducted a variety of activities to create an engaging and meaningful Total Defence Day experience for students throughout the week.

The school took part in a Lockdown Drill.  Students were taught the 3-step drill, Run, Hide, Tell. The Total Defence Day Song was also taught.  Police Booth Display and SGSecure Exhibition were put up to help the students learn more about safety and security. The students also had a visual treat at the Uniforms Display setup segment where they saw and read up about the uniforms of the various personnel. 

On the commemoration day, our male staff donned their NS uniform as the school gathered for our morning assembly. The students had an activity in class followed by an assembly talk conducted by the National Heritage Board. The speaker covered our war history through the various stories about our national monuments. 

The commemoration indeed provided an enriching learning experience for our students. 

Our students interacted with the police officers at the police display booth and learnt more about safety and security. 
Display in the Library, commemorating Total Defence week. 

Uniform Display with information about the various uniforms worn by the Army, Civil Defence and Police personnel. 

Commemoration Day on 15 of February 2019. Our male teachers donned their NS uniform and led the school in the singing of the National Anthem. 

A P6 class enjoying their class activity on the commemoration day.