Curricular Goals:

We aim to develop students to be effective and confident communicators by cultivating a rich environment to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


We make use of STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR) to help our students become proficient users of the English Language. The curriculum is divided into two blocks. A set of strategies is used from Primary One to the first semester of Primary Three while another set is used from the second semester of Primary Three to Primary Six.

Department Strategies
Here are some of the strategies we adopt for the teaching and learning of skills

Language Area Strategies
Reading Shared Book Approach, Supported Reading, Know-Want to Know- Learnt (KWL), Retelling
Listening Annotation and taking down of notes
Speaking Respond-Elaboration-Personal Experience-Suggestion (R-E-P-S) for Stimulus-based Conversation
  • Making Thinking Visible Strategy: “See-Think-Wonder” –
For vocabulary generation and generation of ideas. Students look at given pictures and talk about what they see, what the pictures make them think of and what questions arise from the pictures.
  • Making Thinking Visible Strategy: “ChalkTalk” –
For exploring and unpacking the given theme. Students are guided to think more about the theme through given questions.
  • Story Mountain as a structure for pre-writing planning
Language Use Annotation

Photo 1 _ revised.jpegChildren responding to the Big Book during reading lesson Photo 2.jpg Filling in a K-W-L chart for information texts

Blowing bubbles as our shared experience before writing
Photo 4 (1).jpg Writing our story as a group Photo 5.jpeg Sharing our ideas through ChalkTalk Making our thinking visible through annotation

Key Programmes:

P1 & P2 Phonics Infusion Programme
Recognising the pivotal role that phonics instruction plays in helping students acquire reading skills at an early age, all our Lower Primary students are introduced to phonics formally through a structured Phonics Infusion Programme which aims to give them a good foundation in letter-sound association, blending, segmenting and spellings skills.

Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)
1 English period is set aside each week for our students to engage in reading-related activities. The various activities include: reading of storybooks, reading of articles related to the current STELLAR unit, and reading of the 'Little Red Dot' publication by Singapore Press Holdings.

Read to Bond
We believe that our students should develop the good habit of reading and we partner our parents in developing this habit. Our Primary One and Two students are given texts that are similar to the Big Books that they read in class. They then bring these parallel stories home and read the stories to their parents. Parents are encouraged to rate their child’s reading.

From Primary Three onwards, our students make use of parallel stories and read them aloud to their peers for feedback.

English Week
English Week revolves around a special theme each year. Students explore the selected theme by taking part in the myriad of interesting activities that are conducted in class and in the canteen during recess.

Photo 7.JPG Learning how to sound out words as a
Photo 8.JPG DEAR activity photo

Photo 9.jpg Reading to each other as part of Read to Bond
Photo 10.jpgDressing up as their favourite Print-to-Screen character for English Week Photo 11.jpgEnjoying a picnic in the hall during a recess time moving screening for English Week